Product Pipeline

Processa sponsored a Phase 2 clinical trial:
"An Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of PCS499 for the treatment of Necrobiosis Lipoidica".
Find more information regarding this study at Click the link for additional study information.

Processa is focused on developing treatments for patients with an unmet medical need. The treatments are directed toward improving the survival and/or quality of life of each patient.

The Processa process is to develop drugs that are ready for clinical development or have minimal pre-IND enabling studies to complete. More specifically, Processa:

  1. Acquires drugs that already have some clinical data to support the targeted treatment - whether it be the drug itself, an analog of the drug, or a drug with similar pharmacological targets,
  2. Navigates through the FDA collaborating with the reviewers to define a complete development program,
  3. Develops each drug over 2-5 years, out-licensing the drug either just prior to pivotal study after Phase 2b or just after the completion of the pivotal study.
The Company is also actively seeking assets to complement its present pipeline of products.